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VIVIA Clinic has introduced since many years in Albania the most modern technology, equipment and methods in this field. Looking at the growing needs, the potential clients that traveled abroad to get different services in the field of aesthetics, which we could offer at our clinic, we initiate this project.

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The client finds at us a wide range of treatments performed by the best Albanian and foreign dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons. Foreign surgeons bring with them not only professionalism, experience, technology but also a very high quality cosmetic products. Our environments are the most modern, the safest and based at the largest hospital facilities in Balkan, American Hospital 3, Tirana.

The face is considered the first approach to everywhere, so feel it fresh, younger and regenerated with our intensive and dedicated programs and treatments with high quality products applied by a professional staff.

Our Dermo-Aesthetic Clinic offers specialized treatments for such concerns, which, besides the health problem they cause, are also considered as social concerns directly affecting the psychology of the individual.

Today, we pay every day more attention to the beauty, health, physical and spiritual well-being.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, being cured expresses culture and emancipation.

In this 13 year experience we have managed to successfully fulfill all the expectations of all those who have trusted us over the years through:

  • Modern technology, equipment and methods
  • Many years of experienced physicians performing non-invasive or mini invasive treatments
  • The most appropriate conditions and infrastructure for the services we provide;
  • Safety and warranty for excellent treatment results; such as skin regeneration treatments, latest laser treatments, plastic surgery by foreign doctors, and elimination of varicose veins with laser.

“Love for beauty is a taste. Creating beauty is an art. Be an artist of your own and discover what we can do for you, choose VIVIA”

Latest FAQ

How long does botox treatment last and how many sessions are needed?

The effect of botox lasts 4 to 6 months. After this period the effect begins to fade and the patient can return to the end of the effect whenever he wants.

Which laser do you use for hair removal?

At the Vivia clinic, we use “Soprano Ice”. The laser is the last word of technology, as it meets all the needs of the patient. There is no pain, it is very fast (it has reduced the treatment time) and optimal long-term results are achieved in the elimination of hairs up to 90%.

Is a real neck and décolletage rejuvenation possible or is it a myth?

It is definitely possible. Aesthetic medicine evolves very quickly and these areas are treated with the same intensity as the facial skin. In our social networks there are many examples of patients with fantastic results of regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin on the neck and décolleté. After the evaluation during the consultation, dermatologists decide the right treatment for you or different combinations of treatments.

Is there really a solution for eliminating acne scars? I dream of smooth skin without those marks thatnever seem to go away.

Various aesthetic treatments in succession, or their combination, help a lot in reducing and fading these marks. Specialists in the field emphasize more and more that the single most effective solution remains laser treatment. It is an important treatment with an average recovery time. This treatment is only performed by doctors specialized in facial lasers. The results are optimal and the marks and scars have really disappeared. The patient must understand that he too plays a very big role in curing such problems. Finally, always seek to improve but never forget to love yourself from the starting point.

I have very visible bags under my eyes, no matter what I do they don't go away or shrink. What do Ido?

Bags under the eyes or dark circles are created for certain reasons which can be accumulation of fluids from hormonal fluctuation to aging factors. Their improvement is fully achievable with specialized treatments in the clinic. Peeling, injections with derma filler or laser are some alternatives, which japing wonderful and natural results

I suffer from excessive sweating, is there a solution?

Answer: The process of sweating is important for the regulation of body temperature, making it possible to protect and hydrate the skin. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in the armpits, hands, feet is a concern at the social level as well. Problems with the thyroid, obesity, hormonal disorders, can be some of the causes. The ideal solution for this concern is botox injections in the relevant area. Always consult a dermatologist first.


A perfect place and perfect service frim the staff. Highly recommended.

An excellent place, the girls at the desk were very welcoming and I loved the professionalism of the doctors. Well done! If I could I would give more than five stars.

Completely satisfied with the doctors and all the support staff. They offer a variety of services that are provided with true commitment and professionalism. Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! Excellent service and products! Love my results!


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