Non-surgical treatments are being rated by various surgeons and not only as the most suitable and
preferred procedures by patients.

These treatments are superior to cosmetic surgery in many aspects including risks and recovery time,
which are many times reduced with a non-invasive treatment. The standard risks of a surgery such as
infections, or complications during anesthesia, are avoided if a non-surgical treatment were used, the side
effects of which are limited to skin bruising or swelling.

The costs of non-surgical procedures are also a benefit included in the package of advantages, the results
of which are a translated response with the increase in the number of people who increasingly prefer
these treatments.

The field of Dermo-Esthetics keeps pace with the evolution of technology, using the best quality
equipment in the most requested treatments such as facelifts, complex skin problems, contouring of
different parts of the body, etc.

In our country, we are increasingly seeing a positive orientation towards dermo-aesthetics in general and
the selection of non-surgical treatments in particular.

The benefits of the latter are really fruitful, the desired results are achieved, they save time and costs, and
what is important, the treated patient returns to normality without major traumas and without much
pain, which means the recovery time is short.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments serve not only to look younger, but also to improve defects as we can
mention; visible marks on the skin, harmful moles, treatment of blood capillaries, etc.

As mentioned above, the Vivia Clinic at the American Hospital 3, works in parallel with world standards,
offering its clients all the treatments that this field of beauty offers, through unique devices in Albania
such as; Zeltiq, Thermage, Original FRAXEL Laser, Pixel CO2, quality cosmetic products, LPG (Lipomasagge)
all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.

The above-mentioned devices are used according to relevant protocols by specialized dermatologists and
aesthetic surgeons. In this way, the patient is not obliged to perform surgery to eliminate excess fat in
certain areas, but can do it with the Zeltig apparatus, or facelift which is possible only with one application
through Thermage.

This is our difference and strength in this complex and difficult market.

Come find out what we can do for you at VIVIA!